Product parameters

two-component coating line machine

Hot melt marking machine

name:two-component coating line machine

two-component coating line machine

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

The kinds of machines: a double set of locations coater (MMA98:2)

Engine: Honda - GX 160 gasoline engine, 5.5 HP

Gasoline, gasoline, capacity of 2.9 L

Electronic systems: 24 v battery 5 Ah 20 ar

0.21 Nm: displacement compressors after. / h

Working pressure: 0.8 PA

Cure monitoring system: Germany imports, EGE flow electronic controller

Driver: walking walking hydraulic drive system

Walking speed: 14 km/h

Maximum gradability: 15 °

The motor traffic: 80 ml

Tank capacity: 100 kg

Curing agent capacity: about 1.25 kg

Detergent capacity: 0.012 m after

Hybrid system: 98:2, a curing agent pump fluid

Additional equipment: electronic jump line control

Glass bead equipment: seeding device for gravity

Line width: 150 cm (4:5), optional 20 cm

12 (or man), 400 cm (let)

The wheels: front: inflatable tires 4.00 by 8 4 pr

The rear wheels, solid rubber wheel d = 200 mm

Size and weight: 342 kg (1400 mm * 1200 mm * 1300 mm long (does not contain a pointer)



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