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860 self propelled hot melt marking machine (gasoline engine)

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name:860 self propelled hot melt marking machine (gasoline engine)

Self-propelled hot melt marking machine is configured with Honda's latest 5.5 HP LPG engine, power system and heating system energy integration, low noise and clean environment. Equipped with as imported walking system of infinitely variable speed, greatly improving the construction efficiency, especially suitable for hot melt construction road slope, guarantee the stability of construction speed. This equipment is made in the use of special high precision cast iron line, make sure the cross line side qi, qi, uniform thickness, beautiful lines, fall to the ground knife can adapt to different conditions of pavement, glass beads spread a speed regulating buffer device. The cross line construction high quality, fast, flexible operation, easy maintenance etc.

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

Product brand: LuXinDa

5.5 HP engine power engine: Honda

Walking system: adopting American Eaton walking system, ensure the equipment even splits

Work speed: > 1500 m/h

Bucket: double layer stainless steel insulation heating barrel, capacity of 100 kg, insert type mixing device, can quickly remove and replace the bucket

Glass bead area: 10 kg capacity synchronous clutch aeroplanes

Crossed the bucket: high precision one-piece crossed, scraper structure, a standard 150 mm

Fall to the ground knife: embedded hard alloy material (pure alloy knife landing can optional)

Lugs: cast iron wheels, special heat-resistant rubber, trailing wheel is equipped with the locator, make the body along a straight line

Line width: 50/100/150/200/250/300 / optional 400/450 mm line pipe thickness 1.2 2.5 mm

Size and weight: 1360 * 850 * 1070 mm 235 kg in weight


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