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LXD880 high-quality goods hot melt marking machine

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name:LXD880 high-quality goods hot melt marking machine

LXD880 high-quality goods hot melt marking machine is suitable for hot melt marking solution of choice for homework. Exclusive of the drawing die, and free tools to replace all steel structure design system, equipment quality more better. Beads hopper design and excellent flow line dou perfect match. Direct heating system direct ignition and airborne holding a gun can provide the largest quantity of heat, thus increasing the flow of materials. Three system equipped with two solid front and a solid rear wheel, can provide smooth, quiet operation. Adjustable operating handle up to a height of screen is adjustable. Adjustable head pointer easily adjust to follow all the tags and draw a straight line. Adjustable beads sown, minimize the cost.

Product parameter

  • Simple and convenient

  • High efficiency and energy saving

  • Best-selling

  • Modern techniques

Capacity: 52 l

Glass bead capacity: 12 l

Glass beads scattered quantity: 20-30 g / 15 cm/m

Line width: 100 mm to 150 mm to 200 mm, 300 mm to 400 mm and 450 mm

Liquefied gas bottle capacity: 15 kg


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