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Road marking machine,Normal temperature paint spraying road marking machine
Independent research and development, best-selling at home and abroad. Water cooled diesel engine, multi channel hydraulic control, double boiler wall control fire path, overload overflow device, can prevent misoperation.
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School solutions

School solutions,Normal temperature paint spraying road marking machine
It can ride, where is it on foot? It offers two high-performance LineDriver accessories to link LineLazer scribing machine and LineDriver HD accessories.
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Parking lot solutions

Parking lot solutions,Normal temperature paint spraying road marking machine
Non-destructive and efficient wire removal, developed jointly with the United States JETECH, the hydraulic end manufactured by the United States JETECH and the power end of Luxinda perfect combination.
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Urban road solutions

Urban road solutions,Thermoplastic paint preheater
Road marking machine WTE 251 light weight, road marking machine WTE320 light weight, road marking machine WKPKSP 850 light weight type.
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High speed line solutions

High speed line solutions
Road marking machine WTE 251 light weight, road marking machine WTE320 light weight, road marking machine WKPKSP 850 light weight type.
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Mountain area solutions

Mountain area,LXD vibrating line marking machine
Road marking machine WTE 251 light weight, road marking machine WTE320 light weight, road marking machine WKPKSP 850 light weight type.
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Jiangsu Luxinda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Luxinda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which is engaged in the professional road marking machine research and development, design, production and sales. It is located at the foot of Runyang Yangtze River Highway Bridge, "Road, railway and boat intersecting, the modern traffic pattern of linking rivers and seas brings a rare geographical advantage.

The company has established and improved scientific and technological research and development system, production process system, quality control system, marketing service system and information management system, rapidly growing into the highest domestic market coverage, 

Asia's largest road marking machine production enterprise. The company's R&D team has successfullysolved a number of world-class problems, including non-destructive removal of marking lines, non-destructive removal of psoriasis, wet rusty surface removal and repainting, hot melt marking line automatic breakage, one machine multiple marking lines, etc. The imported airport rubber removal vehicle can evacuate the site in 5 minutes and recycle water vapor and sundries perfectly.Company's ERP management changes the traditional capital flow, material flow, product flow and information flow into the computer high efficient processing digital flow.

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Safe and smooth traffic is our ideal goal. Luxinda works with you to create a brilliant tomorrow.

LXD manual two-component scraper

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The advanced technology introduced from Germany has greatly improved the construction efficiency. The mixing system adopts mechanical transmission and electronic clutch. The floor knife can adapt to different road conditions. The glass bead sowing is equipped with a speed regulating buffer device, which has high construction quality, fast speed, flexible operation and simple maintenance.

Nondestructive removal equipment series

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The ultra-high voltage wire removal equipment jointly developed and produced by the company and JETECH of the United States has an ultra-high voltage of 1400kg. The hydraulic end manufactured by JETECH of the United States is perfectly combined with the power end of Luxinda.

Enterprise strength


Time of establishment (year)


Registered capital (million / yuan)


In-service employees (people)


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Jiangsu Luxinda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. Provide a perfect service

Door-to-door, installation, debugging, technical training

The installation and commissioning will be completed within one day after the arrival of the goods. Familiar with product construction, understanding of product principle and common fault analysis, removal; construction site, instructing operator to familiarity with product performance, master product operation to proficiency.

Four in one sales service system

Southern China, East China, southwest, Northwest Office, after-sales service center and the office in close combination of service personnel, form a collection of sales, information, accessories supply, after-sales maintenance four sales system, providing customers with pre sales, sale, after-sales service.

Luxinda "excellent service project"

For customers to establish electronic files, telephone after-sales service engineer, 24 hours long-term service, for customers in the use of products in the process of any quality or use of problems, promise after-sales service within 2 hours of return or reply. Let the "user centered" business philosophy really come true.

Our commitment

Luxinda, adhering to the "honest, pragmatic, innovative" marketing concept, with "innovative products and unrivalled service, in the continuous efforts to temper excellent quality, to the maximum to meet the customer's explicit and potential needs" for the principle of providing customers with high quality and satisfactory sales service system.

Our service concept

Adhering to the "satisfaction of your side" after-sales service concept, all with the "user centered" service tenet, Lu Xinda special exit - "excellent service project", let each user experience each moment with the zero distance service.

Satisfaction is around you

Try to sell where the product goes and the service will follow. Leave all the convenience to the customer. To provide you with a perfect after-sales service. Boutique needs quality service, satisfaction is around you.

Production strength

10000 units of annual average productivity

Average annual shipments of 10000 units

Cooperative customers increase by 100 each year

Annual average development project 10 / year

5 times of annual participation

Market share 80%

Latest information

The national brand realizes the industry to serve the country, pays attention to the industry dynamics, and pays close attention to the latest information of Luxinda.


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